Commission Process

Vision Definition

Where will your custom piece reside? What purpose will it serve? Reflect on what resonates with you: What themes or colors hold personal significance?

Size determines both the visual impact and the price of your piece. Be sure to measure out the designated space to ensure a perfect fit for your commissioned artwork.


Once the size is determined, secure your commission with payment.

Design Collaboration

Whether inspired by Vogue prints, specific hues, or a combination, let Lizzie know your color preferences. You can also choose between a classic linen or clean white canvas to enhance your chosen color scheme. Lastly, select a frame that complements your style – be aware that frames with iridescent accents may affect the overall price. Regular updates and a glimpse into the artistic journey will be shared, ensuring your commissioned piece aligns seamlessly with your expectations.


As your commissioned artwork nears completion, Lizzie will provide you with delivery logistics. The art will then be on its way to you, ready to grace and bring new life to your chosen space. Fill out the form below to get started.